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Meet the Leopards of Good Shepherd!

May 8, 2024

Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon, is not just a school; it’s a hub for talented kids. At the heart of this talent is our football team, the Leopards of Good Shepherd, known for their exceptional skills and sportsmanship. Last month, the Leopards participated brilliantly in a football match against St. Albert’s Comprehensive College, a…

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Good Shepherd Academy Shines in National Competition

March 16, 2024

Good Shepherd Academy exceeded all expectations in the national competition “Agripreneur: Rebranding Our Nation,” held December 2023 through February 2024. The initiative focused on engaging the spirit of young Cameroonians in agricultural enterprises. Schools in all ten regions of Cameroon competed in project presentations, tests, cultural dance, and a fun eating competition. GSA students presented…

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Bafut Newspaper

Good Shepherd Academy Bafut Celebrates 7th Anniversary as Citadel of Learning

December 5, 2023

  When we awakened to Good Shepherd Academy in the headlines of the North West Region’s most prestigious newspaper, The Post, one of my first thoughts was of you — our donors. Without you, none of the amazing things that have happened on our beloved campus could have possibly happened. Reading Sidney Wache’s unbiased view…

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GSA students and principal at the celebration

And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

November 21, 2023

Ten years ago this month, Good Shepherd SLF was founded. I’ll never forget the day Brenda Ruello and I received the IRS 501(C)3 approval. More than a few tears were shed as we hugged one another and jumped for joy. We immediately called Sr. Jane Mankaa and rejoiced together as squeals of laughter came across the phone lines. With…

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Greetings to our American Friends from Bafut, Cameroon

October 1, 2023

Thank you for joining me in the Principal’s Office today at Good Shepherd Academy. I have some special news to share with you! When we opened the Academy in September 2016, we had a clear plan and a sacred vision of what lay ahead for our brand-new school. We prayed for a robust student body…

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Good Shepherd Academy

New Accomplishments, New Leadership, New Recognition

May 22, 2023

Special New Accomplishments It’s a red letter day at Good Shepherd Academy as our first group of students travel to Bamenda on May 28th to take the General Certificate of Examination (GCE) for admittance to GSA high school (US grades 11 and 12). Cameroon follows the English educational system in which students must pass an…

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GSA students Poultry Farm

Exceeding Expectations

January 14, 2023

Sr. Jane Memorial Fund Prepares GSA for Strong Future Launched one year ago this month, the Sr. Jane Mankaa Memorial Fund is exceeding expectations with $186,000 raised to date. We began with a dream in our heart and a vision in our head to honor the legacy of a woman whose life embodied self-sacrifice and…

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41 students

Six Years and Going Strong!

November 28, 2022

The 41 students of Good Shepherd Academy with Principal Churchill Che on GSA’s 6th Anniversary Celebration, November 5, 2022. GSA students with Principal Churchill Che at the Academy’s 6th Anniversary Celebration “This is a great day for Good Shepherd Academy, the day this school was born here in Bafut six years ago,” began Azinwi Belvia’s…

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Emerging from the Farmlands

November 24, 2022

 “Emerging from the Farmlands” GOOD SHEPHERD ACADEMY ANTHEM Emerging from farmlands 2016 City in the hills of Agyati Bafut Founded on the wings of faith graced by God Here’s Good Shepherd Academy, Agyati Bafut. Chorus Good Shepherd enhancing our intellectual growth Good Shepherd enhancing our spiritual growth Good Shepherd enhancing our physical growth Hope…

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Remember Your Favorite Teacher?

September 22, 2022

Remember the way he or she looked, the extra time spent with you, the inspiration you received and perhaps still receive from your memories? Such lifelong remembrances are being created this very day at Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon as our students begin the 2022-23 academic year. “My favorite teacher is Mr. Che Churchill Che,”…

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