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We’re Best in the Field!

team offsides

Good Shepherd Academy team in blue, St Albert’s in white.

On a hot, sunny Cameroonian afternoon Good Shepherd Academy (GSA) students traveled to an away soccer game at neighboring Catholic high school, St. Albert’s Comprehensive. Following a brisk warm-up led by GSA coach, Mr. Suh Peter, the two teams were ready to square off.

Following a close game and with the outcome not determined until the final goal, Good Shepherd Academy emerged victorious 2-1.

team getting ready to play

coach giving instructions for soccer game

“It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our talents in competition with another school and a real privilege for me to be captain of the winning team,” remarked 14-year-old Mtoh Emmanuel, beaming.

teams preparing to play

Handball captains and GSA Coach ready for the girl’s game.

Thanks to a generous donor, GSA has a regulation-size soccer field enabling our students to practice regularly learning not only the finer points of the game, but also valuable life skills such as teamwork, decision making, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

“The collaboration between our schools doesn’t end on the soccer field,” shared GSA Principal Mr. Che Churchill Che. “Next spring, Form 5 students of each school will take a practice test of Cameroon’s General Certificate of Examination (GCE). We will then compare scores to determine where our students need extra work before the final test.”

Teamwork and decision making — skills to last a lifetime!

Stay tuned for updates on our four state-of-the-art fish ponds under construction, the piggery, and more.

all smiles for the winning team

The GSA Team on the sidelines cheering on the rest of the team along with their fans.