Build A School

Education changes lives forever.

- Good Shepherd Academy

Build A School

When you educate a girl; you educate a nation.

- African proverb

Build A School

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela


Support the intellectual, spiritual and physical growth of coed secondary/high school students in Cameroon, West Africa; to enable them to support themselves and their families; and to foster their engagement as active citizens.

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Educate the Next Doctor!

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Clean Water Project


Clean Water Project to Combat COVID-19 in Bafut, Cameroon

  For the past two months, we have all watched with horror as the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our country. Cities with extensive public and private health care systems were quickly overwhelmed and much needed protective gear and testing kits are still in short supply. We all did what little we could to help by social distancing and frequent hand…

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Only 6 out of 100 Cameroonian Youth graduate from secondary/high school.

6 out of 100
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Good Shepherd Academy is currently a residential secondary/high school for 100 students. It will accommodate 350 students when complete.

Good Shepherd Academy is Re-Opening in October 2020! Registration is open. For information email

GSA campus site plan

Phase II construction completed On Time/On Budget! Good Shepherd Academy opened September 12, 2016 with two grades (US Grades 6 & 7).

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Join the growing tradition of giving gifts to help those in need. Instead of purchasing a material gift, choose one of our gifts to help Build a School, Build a Future for tomorrow's leaders.

Celebrate & Educate...With gifts to friends and loved ones for future students at Good Shepherd Academy.

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Reflecting on Tomorrow

Anxious for an Excellent Education

“Education will enable me to become the person I want to be. That is why I anxiously want to study in the most prestigious secondary/high school in my own country. I welcome you with open arms, Good Shepherd Academy!”

Awasum Benedict

Their Dream. Our Mission. Make It Happen.

Empowerment comes in many forms, this one just happens to be delicious!

Moka Origins

Moka Origins and Good Shepherd SLF are partnering to bring Cameroonian grown coffee direct to you. We receive 20% of the selling price, helping educate the next generation of Cameroonians at Good Shepherd Academy.

Moka’s Cameroon coffee creates jobs, plants trees and helps communities grow. Grown on their own farm in Cameroon near GSA and ethically sourced, this rare shade-grown bean is their flagship coffee.

“I’m a monthly subscriber and can promise you Cameroon Mt. Oku Region Coffee is the best I’ve had, and it’s the same price as many mass produced brands. Try it. You will not be disappointed!” — Elizabeth Geitz

Moka Origins will donate 20% of all order proceeds to Good Shepherd SLF.

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Encouraging Global Citizenship

Investing in education is the most cost effective way to drive economic development, improve skills and opportunities for young women and men, to unlock progress on all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to prevent conflict and sustain peace.

– United Nations Secretay-General António Guterres, September 2017