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The mission of Good Shepherd Academy is to establish a coed residential secondary/high school for 350 students in Bafut, Cameroon.

The Academy emphasizes academic excellence integrating sustainable agriculture, physical and emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Opened in September 2016 with Forms 1 & 2 (US Grades 6 & 7), this Christian school enrolls students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Eileen, aspiring scientist
Eileen, aspiring scientist

Core Values

Christian Identity
Good Shepherd Academy welcomes students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds while maintaining its core identity as a Christian institution. GSA strives to live into the gospel call so that “barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, we may live in justice and peace.” (Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, p. 823).

21st Century Skills
Good Shepherd Academy values 21st century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity grounded in high academic standards with technological integration. Creative, inventive talent will be nourished and independent thought encouraged – skills needed to succeed in our global world.

Academic excellence, motivation, and personal responsibility are emphasized at Good Shepherd Academy. This Academy offers a thorough developmental and academic program that guides the student in intellectual, spiritual, emotional, artistic, and physical development in a Christian environment. A superior education is provided for the whole child – recognizing that each child has different gifts, talents, and abilities.

Good Shepherd Academy reinforces and guides the development of ethical principles and sound moral character. Honor, respect, and love of neighbor as self are key.

We believe in the stewardship of God’s creation by focusing on sustainability in all aspects of life through a focus on sustainable agriculture, sustainable living, and a ‘green’ school environment.

The Good Shepherd Academy project arose out of the great need and great dream of children across the Republic of Cameroon.

Their Need…

  • Finding a secondary/high school to attend since
    it is not mandatory in Cameroon
  • Walking up to 10 miles to and from school in rural areas
  • Fearing kidnap or rape along the way*
  • Getting soaked to the bone during the rainy season
  • Crowding into a classroom with 100 other children
  • Standing all day due to a lack of desks
  • Being hungry because there is no lunch
Andrew, aspiring engineer
Andrew, aspiring engineer

*A 2007 study conducted by the Cameroon government reported that 2.4 million children from the country’s ten regions involuntarily work in forced domestic servitude, street vending, and prostitution, or in hazardous settings. An unknown number are trafficking victims. Trafficking is particularly heavy in the Northwest Region where Good Shepherd Academy is located. In addition, Cameroon has the dubious distinction of having one of the world’s highest incidences of rape, with 20% of Cameroonian women reporting being victims of rape.

Their Dream…

  • living in a residential secondary/high school
  • being safe in a secure, instructive, loving environment
  • learning traditional academic subjects as well as sustainable organic agriculture
  • feeling full physically and spiritually
  • knowing they have a bright future

IT-20-percentTwenty percent of all Good Shepherd Academy students receive a full scholarship, with orphans of Good Shepherd Home in Cameroon receiving first priority.

student group

"I am a strong believer in a future of renewed hope for everyone, particularly for children in Cameroon. Their wishes and longings are deeply connected to their desire to receive a quality secondary/high school education.

Good Shepherd Academy gives them that and more. With a focus on creativity and leadership built on a foundation of Christian faith, the Academy will usher in a long overdue turning point in Cameroonian secondary education. I was born in Cameroon. I know."

Dr. Nche Zama, Board of Directors of Good Shepherd SLF;
Medical Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery, PMC; Global Medical Humanitarian

Dr. Nche Zama

When completed, the school campus will include:

  • 12 Classrooms
  • 3 Science Labs – Chemistry, Biology, and Food & Nutrition
  • Computer Lab
  • Library/Media Center
  • Music/Art Room
  • Multi-Purpose Hall & Kitchen (Dining, Activities, Worship)
  • Administration Building
  • Health Center: Open to Villagers
  • Chicken & Vegetable Farms
  • Soccer Pitch
  • Clock & Water Tower
science lab

“Investing in education is the most cost effective way to drive economic development, improve skills and opportunities for young women and men, to unlock progress on all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to prevent conflict and sustain peace.”

United Nations Secretay-General António Guterres
UN Global Education First Initiative

For more information about Education in Cameroon and the Need for GSA go to Frequently Asked Questions 

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