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Transformational education changes adolescent lives in Cameroon forever.

Imagining Tomorrow is a cross cultural project of Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (Good Shepherd SLF) in the USA and Good Shepherd Academy Association (GSAA) in Cameroon.

Learn about our Good Shepherd SLF Board of Directors
Learn about our GSAA Board of Governors

We work in partnership to continue to construct and establish Good Shepherd Academy, a residential coed secondary/high school in Cameroon that  prepares young people for university and/or living wage employment. By supporting our partnership based on faith, mutuality, and transparency YOU can break the cycle of poverty in Cameroon, West Africa by providing access to quality bi-lingual education in a secondary/high school setting.

Good Shepherd SLF and GSAA provide full tuition to twenty percent of Academy students, with the orphans of Good Shepherd Home in Cameroon receiving first priority. The Academy is subsidized with the proceeds from sustainable farming, blending educational, poverty reduction, and food security missions.

Students work hard to learn the three R’s in the classroom and to master sustainable organic agriculture on the school’s vegetable, pig, and chicken farms.

Working together

Hands together, we are building Good Shepherd Academy

In September 2013, the United Nations launched the Global Education First Initiative, focused on secondary school education. Why? Because they know the difference a secondary education makes in developing nations:

  • YOU can help reestablish normality for traumatized children
  • YOU can open doors to the job market
  • YOU can Improve maternal health and environmental solutions
  • YOU can promote tolerance, mutual understanding, cultural heritage and the arts.

Read our Five-Year Summary Report 


“Investing in education is the most cost effective way to drive economic development, improve skills and opportunities for young women and men, to unlock progress on all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to prevent conflict and sustain peace.”

United Nations Secretay-General António Guterres on the UN Global Education First Initiative

team at work

"Hands together, we have built Good Shepherd Academy to give Cameroonian children a future with a difference."

The Project Team

Good Shepherd Academy