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41 students

Six Years and Going Strong!

November 28, 2022

The 41 students of Good Shepherd Academy with Principal Churchill Che on GSA’s 6th Anniversary Celebration, November 5, 2022. GSA students with Principal Churchill Che at the Academy’s 6th Anniversary Celebration “This is a great day for Good Shepherd Academy, the day this school was born here in Bafut six years ago,” began Azinwi Belvia’s…

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singing anniversary song

Emerging from the Farmlands

November 24, 2022

 “Emerging from the Farmlands” GOOD SHEPHERD ACADEMY ANTHEM Emerging from farmlands 2016 City in the hills of Agyati Bafut Founded on the wings of faith graced by God Here’s Good Shepherd Academy, Agyati Bafut. Chorus Good Shepherd enhancing our intellectual growth Good Shepherd enhancing our spiritual growth Good Shepherd enhancing our physical growth Hope…

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