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Greetings to our American Friends from Bafut, Cameroon

group photo of students, the principal, and a teacher

Here I am with our biology teacher and five of our successful students.

Thank you for joining me in the Principal’s Office today at Good Shepherd Academy. I have some special news to share with you!

When we opened the Academy in September 2016, we had a clear plan and a sacred vision of what lay ahead for our brand-new school. We prayed for a robust student body that would strive for excellence in all areas and succeed.

We prayed for a dedicated faculty that would not only teach, but nurture our students in body, mind, and spirit. We prayed for the ongoing funding needed to grow the number of programs we could offer our hard-working students.

By the Grace of God, we succeeded beyond our most fervent dreams in every area.

Academic success for any Cameroonian secondary/high school is measured by how students score on the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Exams. Student scores can make or break an institution’s reputation.

In June, our first group of students was at last ready to take the GCE Ordinary (O) Level examination.

This national exam is given at the end of Secondary School (US Middle School) to determine if students are allowed to attend High School. We follow the English system of education here in Cameroon, where the O Level exam must be passed to enter High School and the A Level Exam must be passed to enter University.

For O Levels, the maximum number of subjects a student can write is eleven. The least number of subjects a student needs to be proclaimed successful is four subjects.

For the 2022/2023 academic year, Good Shepherd Academy sent seven candidates for the GCE Ordinary Level examination (since we do not have a high school yet). These candidates were our Pioneer Students, brave members of our first class in 2016.

Of these seven candidates, every one of them passed, scoring 100% as follows:

Ngum Blessing – 11 subjects

Nji Tse Terry Roy –10 subjects

Anigibah Beauty Gift – 9 subjects

Ntoh Emmanuel – 9 subjects

Bihwi Assurance – 9 subjects

Azinwi Bless Belvia – 7 subjects

Neba Stephen – 6 subjects

Of these students, three of them sat for the science exams; Ngum Blessing, Anigibah Beauty Gift and Neba Stephen. We had two students for the arts, Ntoh Emmanuel and Azinwi Bless Belvia; and two for the commercial, Nji Tse Terry Roy and Bihnwi Assurance.

Word of our highly successful first class spread quickly throughout Cameroon and my phone started ringing with calls from interested parents. We currently have 50 students residing on campus.

In spite of many obstacles against us, such as the ongoing conflict, we have flourished and grown and made a difference in our students’ lives thanks to each one of you.

We are Reaching for the Stars and we’re just beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting news soon!

In gratitude,
Che Churchill Che
Principal, Good Shepherd Academy