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And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

GSA students and principal at the celebration

Good Shepherd Academy students and principal at their 7th Anniversary Celebration. What a day!

Ten years ago this month, Good Shepherd SLF was founded. I’ll never forget the day Brenda Ruello and I received the IRS 501(C)3 approval. More than a few tears were shed as we hugged one another and jumped for joy. We immediately called Sr. Jane Mankaa and rejoiced together as squeals of laughter came across the phone lines.

With a dream in our hearts and a vision in our heads, we tackled the impossible. They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, but Thanks to YOU We Did It! 

Ten years later, we have 50 students in residence, a dedicated faculty and staff, and our first group of students ALL passed their GCE exams with flying colors. High school classes began this fall, as our students have grown along with us in our state-of-the-art campus with seven buildings. Even the ongoing conflict in the NW Region of Cameroon has not held us back as Good Shepherd Academy continues to grow each and every year.

In this season of giving and gratitude, your Board of Directors is digging a little deeper in honor and thanksgiving of our Ten Year Anniversary. Join us in giving generously to Half or Full-Year Scholarships, Clearing Land for the New Greenhouse, Greenhouse Instructor Training, Soccer Equipment, Baby Chicks, and more.

Thank you for being with us each step of our 10-Year-Journey, and thank you for your generosity through the years!

The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Rankin

P.S. Stay tuned next month for an inside view of Good Shepherd Academy’s 7th Anniversary Celebration. What a celebration it was!