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Gearing Up for 2021-2022 Academic Year!

Good Shepherd SLF and Good Shepherd Academy Association Boards are busy with frequent joint zoom meetings as we discuss plans to continue the legacy of Sister Jane Mankaa at Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon. The cooperation of both boards has been outstanding as we move forward together with God’s guidance.

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Our reflection on the Good Shepherd Academy 2020-21 Academic Year is filled with praise and thanksgiving. As we all dealt with the unexpected news of Sister Jane’s death in April, the year nonetheless ended on the high note of safety for all our GSA students as well as unprecedented individual student growth.

Read about Mankaa Ntwisi Akongnwi to learn how your donations are changing the lives of our students forever.


We are delighted to welcome four new members to the Board of Governors of Good Shepherd Academy Association headquartered in Bamenda, Cameroon. Each one brings invaluable experience to the Good Shepherd Academy family.

portrait Dr. Shu Walters Che is Sister Jane Mankaa’s brother. A medical doctor in Cameroon, he is currently Manager of the Performance Based Finance Project in the North West Region. He and his family have stepped in and are working hard for the children and students we all love.
portrait Mr. Ndomenga Dickson is one of Sister Jane’s children who was formerly her devoted and highly capable assistant. He has earned his BSc in Accounting, has nearly completed his MSc, and teaches accounting at GSA. He serves as the Good Shepherd SLF Representative to the GSAA Board.
portrait Sister Mary Lawrence Mankaa (no relation) is a Benedictine Sister of Bethany with 13 years of experience assisting in convent and orphanage management. We are blessed to have her perspective as we move forward.
portrait Mr. Denis Mofor is the Former Deputy Registrar in charge of Examinations at the Cameroon GCE Board. Mr. Mofor is giving of his time tirelessly as we make the necessary internal changes to GSA and GSAA management. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to each one of them.


Recruitment is underway for the 2021-2022 Academic Year with a detailed plan developed by Interim Principal Mr. Churchill Che which includes visits to local churches and schools, interviewing, radio advertisements, widespread brochure and prospectus distribution, and more.

Good Shepherd SLF continues to donate scholarships to children of the Good Shepherd Home along with an additional three Merit Scholarships for entering Form 1 students earning the best scores on Cameroon’s Common Entrance Exams.

In addition, Dr. Shu Walters Che has donated three Financial Aid packages to deserving students with high grades/scores and a financial need. We are truly grateful to the Shu family.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of our mission to Build a School, Build a Future for students in Cameroon, West Africa!