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How Your Donation Makes a Difference

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Mankaa Ntwisi Akongnwi entered Good Shepherd Academy in the fall of 2020 as a timid, shy young student about to enter Form II. She had been unable to attend school during the four years of Cameroon’s civil conflict. “I was afraid I would be left behind because I had stayed home for so long,” she admitted.

With diligence and care her teachers, especially her English language teacher, helped her improve her reading and writing skills. “The teachers understood my situation,” she said. “They built confidence in me and taught me the basics before coming to the real issues that confronted me and others in my class. No matter how poor my marks were, my teachers always encouraged me. In class, they made sure all students understood each topic very well before moving on to another topic.”

Mankaa Ntwisi’s progress has been extraordinary! In just six months she has more than doubled her average scores on standardized tests. “My progress, especially academically, is thanks to the teachers. Now I want to make my teachers proud. I am bent on paying them back for the good work they are doing by providing them with good results.”

The educational philosophy of empowerment makes Good Shepherd Academy unique and so vital in the lives of its students. “The teachers respect themselves and the students as well,” Mankaa Ntwisi continued. “It is a school that takes care of the intellectual, spiritual and physical growth of each student.”

Mankaa Ntwisi looks forward with confidence to the fall term at Good Shepherd Academy. Your continuing support for Good Shepherd Academy, Bafut, Cameroon will allow many more students to replicate Mankaa Ntwisi’s educational experience. Thank you for your generous donation.