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Raise a Prayer! Raise a Glass!

Lawrence and Poul

MSAADA Principal Architect Poul Bertelsen with Project Manager, Lawrence Ngwa and Owner of Sage Construction, Oliver Fon, reviewing the construction of JMGSA.

Sister Jane and Poul BertelsenThe first quarter of 2018 finds us looking back and looking ahead. Poul Bertelsen, Principal Architect of MSAADA, has returned from his visit to Good Shepherd Academy and writes, “It was encouraging to evaluate what has been done so far and to visualize what is still to be done. The site is clearly an attractive one; construction is of a very acceptable quality at a very reasonable cost. Those who have supported the project financially have received great value for their money!” Thank you Poul and team!

On March 1st construction commenced on a wall to fully encircle the campus. In keeping with Cameroonian tradition, we will enclose the school to indicate to all that what is within is of great value – not just buildings, but the dreams and aspirations of our students.

During Poul’s visit, Sister Jane Mankaa offered prayers of thanksgiving for Poul for all he has accomplished and all they will continue to do together as a team.

We invite you to raise a prayer with Sister Jane and our Cameroonian Team!

Poul Bertelsen and Lawrence Ngwa, Project Manager, (left) share a celebratory beer at the conclusion of their wall negotiations.

Lawrence and PoulRaise a glass with them by showing your support today. Click to help fund the wall. Total cost is $90,000.

Stay tuned for news of the Holiday Camp at Good Shepherd Academy which will begin in July 201

8! Food and nutrition, band, arts, soccer, sports and leisure will be taught to the lucky day campers. Camp will be followed by the much-anticipated re-opening of Good Shepherd Academy in September 2018.

Thank you so very much for journeying with us as we Build a School. Build a Future. Together!