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New Life

As Easter and Passover approach, we can’t help but reflect on the abundant new life that has emerged because of the transformative cross cultural partnership between Good Shepherd SLF in the US and Good Shepherd Academy Assoc. in Cameroon. A partnership built on mutuality, commitment, love of Cameroonian children, and love of God.

New life for our first three scholarship students — Ernestine, Benedict, and Bih. New life for Oliver Fon Soh of Sage Construction who was awarded the contract to build Good Shepherd Academy. New life brought by our Cameroonian construction crew who worked 27 hours straight pouring concrete for the second story of the dormitory and academic buildings. New life for the many Cameroonian vendors selling the material to build the school. New life just waiting to be born in each child who will be blessed to attend this transformational co-ed residential secondary school.

And new life for you and for us. There’s a favorite saying of ours, “Change a life, including your own!” For you see, when we change the life of our neighbors over 5,000 miles away, it is we who are changed. And that’s how God works. That’s what it means to be in a cross cultural partnership based on the love of the God who calls us into this relationship. So very many of you are also called and have joyfully joined in supporting our efforts – with your prayers, hard work, and donations. And we are indeed grateful.

2016 Great NonprofitsThanks to your support and recommendations, Good Shepherd SLF has been awarded one of the first Top-Rated Awards for 2016 by Great Nonprofits. We will be featured on their website, 2016 Top-Rated List, and distributed to media and corporations. New life indeed!

And we are abundantly blessed by the new life brought by our volunteers, whom we will feature here periodically. Meet the Rev. Carmen Viola, Deacon in the Diocese of New Jersey who has dedicated a significant portion of his book profits to Good Shepherd Academy. Thank you Carmen for all you have done and are doing for us!