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Making a Difference in the Lives of Orphans

Geitz, Lamput, and Ruello

L-R: Rev. Canon Elizabeth Geitz, Amador Laput, Brenda Ruello

Cameroon, West Africa is a country of 20 million so ravaged by the AIDS epidemic that there are an estimated 330,000 orphans in a country where there are no government programs to care for them.

In step three women to the rescue: local Episcopal Priest, Rev. Canon Elizabeth Geitz, of Good Shepherd and St John Episcopal in Milford, Brenda Ruello and Anglican Sister Jane Mankaa, founder of the Good Shepherd Home which a is home for 150 orphans, a number that continues to grow.

Elizabeth and Brenda made trips to “Mama Jane” in Cameroon in 2008 and October of this year and are now on a mission to build the first Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon where education stops at the 5th grade level.

They visited the Port Jervis Rotary Club that supports international projects each year, and discussed the $2 Million construction project and the ongoing need to sponsor each of the orphans for $1 a day. For more information, visit the website at GoodShepherdHome.org.