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Increase Your Joy in 2022

Sister Jane Mankaa congratulate a students achievements

I hope you had a blessed holiday season filled with memories you will long remember. With the busy-ness behind us, may you find a brief moment to reflect on the intangible gifts you received last year — like the smile or hug of a loved one, the helping hand when you needed it most, or the joy you received knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

At Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation, we are offering you an opportunity to increase your joy by knowing you have changed the life of a student at Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon, West Africa. Funding the education of children in a developing nation leaves a lasting impact for generations to come. Simply put, there is no greater gift you can give to a child — or to a poverty-stricken country.

Sister Jane Mankaa Memorial Fund Established

We are honored to announce the establishment of the Sister Jane Mankaa Memorial Fund to commemorate the legacy of Sister Jane Mankaa, Founder of Good Shepherd Academy, to continue the life-giving work you began there in 2013.

I’ll never forget meeting Sister Jane for the first time 25 years ago when she spoke at a local church. As she shared her dream of establishing a home for orphaned children, she shared with us her pure joy in worshipping the God she loved with all her heart. Many of us soon found ourselves sharing her dream and praying with her that her children’s needs would be met. And they were! In five years, 150 children were housed, clothed, fed, and most of all loved by the one they shall forever call Mama.

Sister Jane’s Dreams Did Not Stop There

Her vision of establishing a coed secondary/high school for all Cameroonian children began to take shape. She assembled a local team to help bring her dream to reality. Soon they joined hands with Good Shepherd SLF, a 501C3 non-profit in a cross-cultural partnership to design, build, and support her far-reaching vision.

Together we prayed for God’s guidance. Together we enlisted the support of caring people like you. Together we built Good Shepherd Academy.

Join Us As We Move From Grief to Gratitude to Giving

With the unexpected death of Sister Jane Mankaa in April 2021, a new era began. It began reluctantly. It began in grief. It began with prayer. Slowly a vision emerged to ensure that her spirit and vision would remain firmly as our guiding light.

As we begin a new year, we begin a new chapter in our life together, filled with gratitude for what has been and hope for what is yet to come. Join us as we move from Grieving to Gratitude to Giving.

We are delighted to share that over $50,000 has been donated to Good Shepherd SLF since Sister Jane’s death in support of her life, legacy, and vision.

These generous donations constitute the beginning of the Sister Jane Mankaa Memorial Fund which will support and sustain all aspects of Good Shepherd Academy, the secondary school you helped build.

From student scholarships, to program development and support, to computers, advanced textbooks, lab supplies, a poultry farm, sports equipment, and more, this fund will enable Good Shepherd Academy’s unique blend of academic, agricultural, and financial education to continue to change lives — one child at a time.

Sister Jane dreamed big and so do we! Keep her vision alive by donating today.

Her Dream. Our Mission. Make it Happen.
With a range of giving levels, there’s a place for you to honor Sister Jane. She had big dreams and so do we!

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Siser Jane walking amongst the garden and fields