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Walking on Sunshine

On May 16th Durga Tree International is hosting Lacing Up for Freedom, a 5-mile walk in Ridgewood, NJ to raise funds to eradicate human trafficking around the globe.

Watch Highlights from our 2014 Walk. Then join or pledge to support us this year!

Our Good Shepherd SLF Team, Ambe’s Angels, will be walking to raise funds to build Good Shepherd Academy

which will provide many Cameroonian children with a safe environment to study, to learn, and to change their lives forever. Only children lucky enough to attend such residential schools are truly safe from human traffickers in Cameroon. All Good Shepherd Home children will receive full tuition and all expenses to attend Good Shepherd Academy.

A BIG THANK YOU to Board Members Betsy DuBois and Sister Jane Mankaa; Leadership Council member John Ross; and Supporters Donna Ross, James Weis, and our furry friend Toby Geitz, who will be walking with us on Team Ambe’s Angels. Without you, this would not be possible.

Why 5 miles?

That is the distance many Cameroonian children must walk to school on treacherous roads where rapists and traffickers await.

Why Team Ambe’s Angels?

Ambe is a Good Shepherd Home child who was kidnapped on his way to school two years ago this month by men engaged in human trafficking. Miraculously he escaped, but many Cameroonian children from all walks of life are not so lucky. Too often, parents kiss their children goodbye on their way to school and never see them again.

The Best News? You can participate!

As of this morning, Lacing Up for Freedom has already raised $35,000. Team Ambe’s Angels has raised $3,250 toward our goal of $10,000. With just 3 weeks to go, now is the time to sponsor a walker, or to sign up to physically or virtually walk.

Yes, you can now virtually walk and raise money while playing your favorite sport or taking a nap!

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Their Dream. Our Vision. Make It Happen!