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Meet Our Principals

Good Shepherd SLF is filled to the brim with new life and new ideas as Phase I of Good Shepherd Academy nears completion. With great excitement and a bit of awe we share that we are On Time/On Budget on this $610,000 Phase I Project over 5,500 miles away.

We humbly and gratefully thank all who have made this possible, particularly each one of you — our donors and supporters who believed in us as a start-up nonprofit three years ago with a vision in our head and a dream in our heart. Your on-going commitment fills us with gratitude and great joy as we continue Imagining Tomorrow!

New Principals

Dr. Lawerence Lafen

Dr. Lawrence Lafen

We are delighted to introduce the Principal of Good Shepherd Academy, Dr. Lawrence Lafen, and Vice-Principal, Mr. Paul Mbimeh. Between them they have 47 years’ experience in secondary/high school education in Cameroon. Dr. Lafen most recently served as Provincial Pedagogic Inspector in the NW Region, while Mr. Mbimeh served as Principal of Divine Comprehensive High School in Bali, Cameroon.

Dr. Lafen has a PhD in Science Education from the University of Reading in Great Britain and is the author of 3 Physics textbooks used throughout West Africa. A Cameroonian who graduated from the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon, Dr. Lafen’s dual Cameroonian/Western educational perspective is critical to bringing the Core Values of Good Shepherd Academy to life.

Mr. Paul Mbimeh

Mr. Paul Mbimeh

Mr. Mbimeh holds a Master’s Degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures from the University of Dschang where he is a PhD Research Fellow. His enthusiasm for Good Shepherd Academy is contagious as he travels the country, along with Dr. Lafen, to spread the good news that Good Shepherd Academy is opening in September 2016 with Forms 1 and 2 (US Grades 6 and 7).

Dr. Lafen and Mr. Mbimeh have long dreamed of leading a Cameroonian secondary school with a more progressive perspective than has ever existed in their country, focusing on independent thought, critical thinking, technology, ethics and values. Thanks to all of you who have joined hands to build Good Shepherd Academy, they now have that opportunity!

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela