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On the Move

Happy Spring!Boy-Farming

And with it comes a big thank you to so many of you who are Making It Happen for the children of Cameroon. Your generosity has enabled GSSLF to undertake a comprehensive water feasibility study in Cameroon on the twelve acres of land purchased to build Good Shepherd Academy. An overflowing supply of water has been found, which is very exciting.

Just as your donations are working for the good of the whole, so are Sister Jane Mankaa and the children. Early spring in Cameroon is planting season and they are busy planting many varieties of vegetables. Their efforts will supply food for the orphanage and will also sell at market rate in town.


On the Move


Your donations are on the move. The Good Shepherd children are on the move. And Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation is on the move — literally.

On May 17th, our affiliate, Durga Tree International is hosting Walk with Ambe, a 5-mile walk in Ridgewood, NJ to support the Academy.

Why 5 miles? That is the distance our children must walk to school on treacherous roads where traffickers await.

Why Ambe? He was kidnapped on his way to school one year ago this month by men engaged in human trafficking. Miraculously, he escaped.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have signed up to walk or have already sponsored a walker. To date we have 73 participants who together have raised $17,910 to build Good Shepherd Academy! With just 6 weeks to go, now is the time to sponsor a walker, or to sign up to physically or virtually walk.

Yes, you can now virtually walk and raise money while playing your favorite sport or taking a nap! Click here for details.


Achieving Goals

GuideStarGOLDGSSLF is on the move in another significant way. GuideStar is a listing agency for all 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the United States. They provide detailed information on each organization’s mission, transparency, impact, finances, programs, governance, and so much more.

Our designation? GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant, the highest possible! As you might guess, we are thrilled. Click here for additional information.

So thank you everyone; there is much to celebrate! As you work in your gardens this spring, think of the children over 5,000 miles away doing the same. We’re all in this together.

*Note: The Walk With Ambe ultimately raised just over $40,000 for Good Shepherd Academy with almost 100 on-site and virtual walkers. 8/4/2014