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teacher at whiteboardThe Rev. Canon Elizabeth Geitz, Class of 1993, is delighted to announce the opening of Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon, West Africa, on September 12, 2016.

As many in the community are aware, Geitz has been at work for several years to create an education program facilitating the dreams of students in Cameroon, West Africa. Following her retirement from the Diocese of NJ, she co-founded Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (SLF) and created a grassroots cross cultural partnership based on faith, mutuality, and transparency with Good Shepherd Academy Association in Cameroon chaired by the Anglican nun, Sr. Jane Mankaa. The purpose of the partnership focused on building Good Shepherd Academy.

With the creation of this bilingual coed residential school, 350 African students will be given a set of core values and provided with the building blocks to enable them to achieve success for themselves and for their families. Generous donations have contributed to taking the dream from the planning stage and turning it into a reality. The Academy opened with the first phase of the project completed on time and within budget. This includes an academic wing, dormitory, gate house and outdoor kitchen. Upon completion, the campus will include a total of twelve classrooms, three science labs, and a computer lab, along with a library/media center, multi-purpose/dining hall, administration building, and health center. Farms, a soccer field and a central clock tower will round out the campus proper. Solar and photovoltaic panels have been included to facilitate goals of self-sufficient energy sources.

Of the wonderful benefits to the youth of Cameroon stemming from the program, Good Shepherd SLF Vice-Chair Dr. Nche Zama notes, “I am a strong believer in a future of renewed hope for everyone, particularly for children in Cameroon. Their wishes and longings are deeply connected to their desire to receive a quality secondary/high school education. Good Shepherd Academy will give them that and more. With a focus on creativity and leadership built on a foundation of Christian faith, the Academy will usher in a long overdue turning point in Cameroonian secondary education. I was born in Cameroon. I know.”

Geitz has deep gratitude for General Seminary and the community of alums and friends who have given their support to her ministry and this project. “I give thanks to God for my education at General Seminary which prepared me not only to serve within the institutional church in both parish and diocesan settings, but to develop projects of significance outside official church structures. To God be the Glory!”

Geitz was recently interviewed on the local news. Watch it here.

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