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Laying a Sure Foundation

laying concreteAfter three years of hard work and the generous support of people like you, the foundation of Good Shepherd Academy is being laid on 12 acres of prime land in Bafut, Cameroon. Three Cameroonian construction firms placed their bids and patiently waited. Oliver Fon Soh, owner of Sage Construction in Bamenda, was awarded the contract and oh how excited he is.

Upon receiving the news, he wrote: “I am very happy that SAGE has been invited to construct the first phase of Good Shepherd Academy. My best regard to MSSADA Architects for their technical expertise and to the board over there in the USA.

While looking forward to full commencement of work I, Mr. Oliver Fon Soh on behalf of SAGE, really appreciate the effort of MSAADA, Good Shepherd SLF USA, GSAA Cameroon, Rev. Sister Jane Mankaa and the Cameroonian Board for their untiring efforts toward the award of this Phase 1 to SAGE. I remain your Cameroon collaborator.”

measuring the foundation

And a Cameroon collaborator he is. When difficulties arise, he prays with the GSAA Board and the Cameroonian Team and invites the prayers of all of us. He is a man of faith who trusts in the power of God and the power of all God’s people to bring this project to fruition. He can hardly wait to send his children to Good Shepherd Academy, a dream come true for his own family and for the people of the NW Province of Cameroon, in which Bafut is located.

The Good Shepherd Academy Association purchased the land; it has been bulldozed and surveyed; a concrete mixer has been purchased, and blocks are being made. You see, in Cameroon they don’t buy the concrete blocks, they make them! And that’s no easy task. Sometimes the water runs dry. Sometimes the machine breaks. But they persist and carry on and the blocks are made.

Tomorrow we are educating students.
Today we are providing employment for Cameroonians.


Because of you, they have a roof over their heads.
Because of you, they have food on the table.
Because of you, they are proud of who they are and what they can do.

Thank you and God bless you. Today and always.