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A Different “New” Year

Happy New Year!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day with the Good Shepherd Children

This familiar phrase means different things to different people. It might mean, “Let’s celebrate the coming of a clean slate, a new year on which to write the story of our lives!” Or if that’s too heavy for you, perhaps it means, “Let’s recover from last night’s party and get ready to party in 2015!” Or, “Let’s see…what resolutions can I make and break this year?”


A Different “New” Year

Bunk BedTo the future students of  Good Shepherd Academy, thanks to so many of you, it means something far different like, “This is the year they will build a bunk bed just for me—with my very own mattress!” Or, “Soon I won’t have to go to a well for water! I can just turn a faucet and I’ll have clean water to drink!” Or, “There’s a very good chance they’ll break ground on our new school this year! I can hardly wait!”

Our Gift Catalog raised $9,450 — now that’s a Happy New Year!

All 4 Clean Drinking Systems needed were SOLD OUT; 18 of 25 Dormitory Desks ($100 each) were purchased; 8 of 50 Wardrobes ($150 each); 10 of 50 Bunk Beds ($250 each), 14 of 100 Mattresses ($75 each). 4 of 4 Water Systems and Storage ($5,000 each) are still needed, but that just gives us more to work for in the New Year ahead.

Dr. ZamaA New Addition: Dr. Nche Zama

And there’s more! Nche Zama, MD, PhD, cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, has joined our Leadership Council.

He currently leads the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery program at Aria Health, the largest healthcare provider in Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County. Dr. Zama has a passion for Medical Humanitarianism and has conducted missions in Africa, Asia, and South America. Born in Cameroon and a long-time supporter of Good Shepherd Home, he brings a wealth of experience with him.

His addition to our Leadership Council of eight outstanding individuals makes for a very Happy New Year!

Their Dream, Our Mission, and with YOU we are MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!