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Meet The Rev. Carmen Viola

Volunteer Spotlight

Carmen ViolaRev. Carmen Viola, a deacon in the Episcopal Church, serves as Archdeacon of the Diocese of New Jersey. He wears many hats in this role, but under girding them all is upholding his ordination vow “to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely.” And serve them he does, both at home and abroad.

In his job as Chief of the Works for the Department of Defense, he helps plan for food, clothing, shelter and medicine for all US troops overseas and for disaster relief. In his travels around the world, Carmen sees more of our similarities with our neighbors than our differences.

heartofDiscipleshipIt is this firm belief and faith in God that called him to donate a significant portion of the profits of his first book, The Heart of Discipleship, to Good Shepherd Academy. Read additional information about this innovative Bible storybook for all ages on HeartOfDiscipleship.com.