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Walls to See and Dates to Save!


Good walls, great walls are going up in Bafut, Cameroon to build Good Shepherd Academy. Classroom walls within which learning and living, growing and striving will take place. Dormitory walls within which our students will sleep, study, socialize, and shower. Perimeter fence walls to keep our students safe from anyone or anything that might harm them. And, the walls of a guard house for those who will protect them 24-hours a day.

Yes, Phase I construction is well underway!

Unlike in the US, each wall is made of hand-made concrete blocks. You see, in Cameroon, there is no place to order ready-made blocks. You want them, you make them yourself! Our local construction firm, Sage Construction, began mixing the concrete by hand and soon purchased their first cement mixer, at the urging of MSAADA Architects who oversee their work. What excitement there was as all the workers gathered around their mixer – not a machine as we envisioned, but a hand mixer that nevertheless made their chore much easier.


Goodnight from work siteAfter the blocks are made, they are cured for 28 days, and then tested for strength. Only after passing the test, are they deemed worthy of becoming the walls of Good Shepherd Academy.

On New Year’s Eve, determined to keep on schedule, the construction team worked until midnight to complete their 2015 tasks. Car headlights brightened the dark night, and they successfully completed their task! We are filled with deep gratitude for their commitment to this project that means so much to so many.

And we are filled with gratitude to you who so generously support their hard work and dedication.




Team Ambes AnglesMAY 21, 2016
3rd Annual Lacing Up for Freedom Walkathon

Sponsored by Durga Tree International

Ridgewood Duck Pond
1133 E. Ridgewood Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ

Registration is FREE! Sign up today! >>


SEPTEMBER 10, 2016Sporting clay event at Hudson Farm
Good Shepherd Academy 2016 Sporting Clay Classic

Hudson Farm
Sparta, NJ
8:30am – 2:00pm

Stay tuned for registration information.