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Gifts for Special Occasions

Give a Gift That Transforms Adolescent Lives in Cameroon Forever

Looking for ways to celebrate or remember loved ones?

Our Gifts for Special Occasions is a wonderful way to commemorate significant milestones such as birthdays, holidays and weddings.

This program also provides you with an opportunity to celebrate the occasion through a contribution to Good Shepherd SLF.

There are several ways to make a special occasion gift.

Make a contribution online.

Mail a check to the address below payable to Good Shepherd SLF:

Good Shepherd SLF
“Imagining Tomorrow”
PO Box 447
Milford, PA 18337

We will email a gift card to you, with our deep appreciation.

Imagining Tomorrow is the Good Shepherd Academy project website for Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation, a 501C3 charitable organization. Your gift is fully tax deductible. Financial information available below.

three girl students

Our vision for Good Shepherd Academy keeps growing! We believe it is a call to everyone for its creation — to eliminate ignorance, poverty, and disease throughout Cameroon. Together we stand. Together we achieve. Together we are realizing this vision.

– Claudine, Ashley and Julliet