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Academy Campus Security

Help Secure Good Shepherd Academy Students

Our deep appreciation goes to Dr. Bradley T. Rankin of Paducah, Kentucky who has established The Reverend John Rankin Fund to pay the salary of Good Shepherd Academy Guard House security guards who protect our students.

The Rev. John Rankin, his ancestor, Rev. John Rankin, was a well-known abolitionist and Presbyterian minister. Upon moving to Ripley, Ohio in 1822, he became known as one of Ohio's first and most active conductors of the Underground Railroad. He directly achieved pre-Civil War freedom for over 3,000 slaves—at significant risk to himself, his family, and followers—with no injury or harm to a single one of them.

When prominent abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher was asked after the end of the Civil War, "Who abolished slavery?" he answered, "Reverend John Rankin and his sons did."

Sister Jane and Dr. Rankin

Thank you, Bradley T., for continuing the legacy begun by your ancestor almost 200 years ago.