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Clean Water Project to Combat COVID-19 in Bafut, Cameroon

Clean Water Project


well footings

Setting the footings for our Clean Water Project

For the past two months, we have all watched with horror as the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our country. Cities with extensive public and private health care systems were quickly overwhelmed and much needed protective gear and testing kits are still in short supply. We all did what little we could to help by social distancing and frequent hand washing.

Clean Water = Hand Washing

Now imagine what COVID-19 will do in an undeveloped third world country like Cameroon. The virus has emerged in the major cities of Douala and Yaoundé and it is just a matter of time until it spreads throughout the countryside. Twenty-two million souls live in a country the size of Oregon. For most, social distancing is not an option. Hundreds of people will pack into town centers for market day where both buyers and sellers are exposed to dozens of hand-to-hand interactions.

We at Good Shepherd SLF know there is little we can do to combat the spread of this virus or protect our friends from this disease. But we will not stand idly by.

So, we have done what we could by fast forwarding an unplanned and unbudgeted $10,000 clean water project in Bafut on the grounds of Good Shepherd Academy.

This new source of clean water will help the families of our students, as well as their neighbors and friends, have a fighting chance against the spread of the disease.

Your support for this project NOW will save lives tomorrow. As always, we and Good Shepherd Academy Association in Cameroon are grateful for your support.

Make a life-saving donation of water. No amount is too small.

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