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May the Good Lord Bless You & Enrich You a Thousandfold!

Thanksgiving 2018

“Our new principal, Mr. Joseph Tangye Ambe, was the first to arrive for our Good Shepherd Academy Christmas Outreach. We arranged a motorcycle to pick him up. He gave a very good speech and everyone clapped and clapped. Then I gave a speech and prayer, and Mr. Churchill gave a speech. He burst into tears. 100 people came! We divided up the chicken, rice, and soap. We even cooked chicken, rice and cakes…We are so very grateful to everyone who gave us this Community Outreach, as well as all those who built our beautiful school.”

Sister Jane Mankaa, Founder,  Good Shepherd Academy Association


Sister Jane Humanitarian AidOur First Christmas Community Outreach to the extended Good Shepherd Family and Neighbors was so successful, we hope to repeat it each year.

Children of all ages, the elderly, the disabled, the very-abled and out of work, gathered for a day they will long remember thanks to many of you.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas much-appreciated funds were raised for this Community Outreach, as well as for Academy needs. We are ready to re-open Good Shepherd Academy as soon as other area schools open, and our Cameroon Board deems it to be safe for all concerned. Thank you one and all from our hearts to your.

Many Blessings and Happy New Year!


“Thank you all very much for this marvelous Christmas gift, given at the heart of the crisis here in Cameroon. We thank God for your inspiration and pray that God will replenish you fully and overflowing in Jesus’ Mighty Name. May God bless you endlessly and give you a long life.”

Ambe Goden, Good Shepherd Academy, Sage Construction Worker


rice and chickens“I shed many tears on the day we were at the school. They were tears of joy for I could see happiness in the hearts of the less privileged, the oppressed, and the depressed in our community. May the Good Lord who touched your hearts to think of us at this time of the year continue to bless you and enrich you a thousandfold, so that you can touch the hearts of millions of people the world over.”

Mr. Churchill Che, Discipline Master and Teacher, Good Shepherd Academy