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A Green Light for Good Shepherd Academy

a green light to open

The day has dawned! The day is here! We have been given the Green Light to re-open Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon!

On September 24th, “A Communique for Back to School 2020/2021” was circulated in Cameroon stating, “If our children do not go to school, they will not know how to read and write even our own history, or have the opportunity to be in a wealthy career.” Community, mission, lay, and private schools were then given careful guidelines under which to re-open.

Miraculously, the Good Shepherd Academy campus is in excellent condition with no damage to buildings and all contents in place, even down to the school stationary.

Outside doors were in need of revarnishing, but otherwise everything was just waiting for students to return. Many thanks to our live-in caretaker, Emmanuel Abongwi, for his dedication and hard work in maintaining the security of our beautiful campus.

Cleaning crew

Students completing campus clean-up on their first Saturday back in school

On October 15th the halls of Good Shepherd Academy were once again filled with students eager to learn and grow academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

In three short weeks, nineteen students were recruited with open enrollment for qualified applicants in place until January 1, 2021. With room for 90 residential students, strategic recruitment plans are in place. See their Recruitment Brochure for information on GSA programs.

sustainable food source

Sister Jane Mankaa picking lettuce from school gardens for a hearty lunch

In addition to normal opening preparations, strict guidelines are being followed to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.

Last minute tasks for opening are completed. Faculty, administration, staff and students are engaged, energized, and on campus together. In spite of a four-year pause due to Civil War and the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to YOUR generosity there IS a ray of light, Good Shepherd Academy!

Sister Jane Mankaa just shared on WhatsApp, “Please thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for giving us such a beautiful school.”


Accomplishments During School Closure

Zoom meeting

Joint Cameroon/USA Board of Director’s Meeting via Zoom

$10,000 Clean Water Project on GSA Campus
Joint GSAA/GSSLF Board Meetings via Zoom & WhatsApp
Good Shepherd Prep piglets sold for a profit of $3,800

Good Shepherd Prep School opens at Good Shepherd Home, Bamenda
Partnership established with Himalayan Institute, Cameroon

Good Shepherd Academy Community Outreach
Good Shepherd Camp with 71 residential campers
$100,000 raised to build perimeter security wall
Construction completed on Calvary Centre, Administration Building, & Wall

Phase 1 Construction completed
33 Marching Band Instruments donated/shipped by Eagle Scout Jonathan Langberg